Your Permission To Rest

Permission To Rest

Want the ultimate way to track how your day impacts your night? 

If you're like most women today, by 3-4 p.m., you're ready for a nap. Maybe you grab another cup of coffee, candy bar or soda to power through your midday slump. By early evening you notice you're losing your temper and so tired you're barely running on empty. 

Download your sleep diary today to track when, where, and what is impacting your sleep AND notice how subtle changes impact your quality of sleep!

"When your sleep is disrupted, it tends to exacerbate other symptoms of disrupted rhythm – your sugar and carb cravings go up, your energy and focus go down, and so does your immunity."

- Dr. Aviva Romm -

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If you’re stuck trying to fall or stay asleep, or you’ve tried every strategy known to man but nothing works, I understand! If you’re tired, cranky and overwhelmed with your fatigue, you are not alone.  

What if I told you I hold a simple solution that doesn't rehash the same old things you've tried before?  

That the aim is to empower you to finally get what you deserve: 

A deep transformational rest that will bring you vitality and joy.  

I know I was just like you...  

So that’s why I’ve put together this free sleep diary, so you can finally start feeling well again and enjoy the simple pleasures of life! 

Learn the simple daily techniques and rituals that will take you to the most profound relaxation and peace of mind imaginable.  

Unlock the powers of your subconscious while effortlessly erasing the stress and anxiety buildup of the day.  

You will heal through rest and quality sleep. And better sleep = better life for EVERYONE in your family...  

You can do this in the comfort of your home with my daily sleep diary.  

The first step to amazing rest is tracking your sleep!

Get Your FREE Diary Here 

Objective data is often the BEST data so you know how to move forward with change.

Your Sleep Diary  

Enter your info throughout the day. It will show patterns and insights into moments of your life that may be interfering with your sleep! Plus track your sleep night quality of sleep.

About Me

Hey you!  

My name is Maureen Lake, and I help people like you who are having problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Imagine, stopping the overwhelm and living life with energy again. A few years ago I was just like you, until I discovered a way to heal from the stress and overwhelming daily routine I was living.  

Now I can’t wait to teach it to you too!  

I am the author of the award-winning Amazon best-selling book on self-care for busy moms, “Being Happy Raising Happy” and professionally trained in plant-based eating, holistic nutrition, and special education. I've helped hundreds of women, including working professionals and stay at home moms suffering from adrenal and hypothyroid difficulties, insulin resistance and sleep issues. I'm passionate about helping women regain their health, strength, and energy. 

Deep Restful Sleep Starts Today When You Track Your Sleep With A Diary